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Sambal Gamik

Salted Fish with Low GI Brown Sugar

Salted Fish with Low GI Brown Sugar

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  • Low carb
  • Keto friendly
  • All natural and premium ingredient
  • No MSG and no preservative
  • Laboratory tested
  • Ready to eat - we do the hard work



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All about Sambal Gamik Salted FisH with Low GI Brown Sugar

In case you're wondering

Nutrition Facts / Macronutrients

Per serving 15g (1 TBSP)

Energy 83kcal

Net carb 2.4g

Sugar 1.9g

Protein 1.6g

Fat 7.2g


Onion , salted fish, palm oil, chili padi, dried chili, vinegar, low GI brown sugar

What is Low GI Brown Sugar?

The Glycemic Index (GI) is a tool that measures how carbohydrates affect blood glucose levels. It then ranks the quality of carbohydrates based on this score. There are three classifications for GI:

Low: 55 or less

Mid: 56 – 69

High: 70+

Foods with a high GI score contain carbohydrates that are rapidly digested and produce a sharp rise and fall in the level of blood glucose.

In contrast, foods with a low GI score contain slowly digested carbohydrates, which produce a more gradual and relatively low rise in the levels of blood glucose and insulin levels.

Hence, low GI brown sugar is a better alternative than normal sugar.

Ref: GI Foundation

What is the shelf life?

See date on cap for the best before date. Once opened, keep in cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Consume within 30 days.

How to enjoy?

Ready to eat

What is the weight?

Net weight per bottle: 220g

Gross weight per bottle: 390 g


Due to natural variation, color, texture, aroma and saltiness of the salted fish may differ from batch to batch